Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser for the Arts

The Belding Parent Group is excited to announce this year’s walk-a-thon will raise money for high quality, hands-on art instruction for EVERY K-8 student and fund an in-school daytime dance assembly.  Following is a sample of the kind of art our Belding students experienced over the last two years:  Explored work by famous artists, learned to draw objects to appear 3D and prairie landscapes (connecting art lessons to math and social studies curriculums), and learned about printed and woven textiles as part of the West African art grant to name just a few.

Our Goal + Incentives

Our base goal to bring art instruction and fund the dance assembly is $12,500, but we have a stretch goal (adding a few more art sessions per classroom) of $15,000.  Similar to last year’s “Duct Tape the Principal” incentive, we are fortunate our very brave and supportive Principal, Heather Yutzy, is willing to be PAINTED, if we reach $15,000!

Amount Raised Schoolwide Celebration Prize
$10,000 In-school dance party over the PA
$12,500 Art instruction for all K-8 homerooms
$15,000 Students will get to Paint Principal Yutzy during the walk-a-thon celebration!

We’ll keep the Belding community apprised of our progress by tracking and publicizing our online donations starting Friday September 15thand will continue with updates until the Walk-a-thon on Thursday 9/28 via e-mail and Facebook.  The students will see a fundraising thermometer in the first-floor hallway.


We need your help

We’re hoping for 100% participation from every Belding family and our $12,500 goal equates to about $24 per student, while the $15,000 benchmark is $29 per student.  We encourage Belding families to ask their family, friends and neighbors but discourage children from soliciting door to door.

We want most, if not all donations to occur online.  Online donations are more secure than sending cash/checks with students, can be done by out-of-town family and friends, and takes less time for our volunteer parents to process.  There are two options to give online:

  1. This donation link can be used by you, e-mailed, or posted to Facebook or Twitter: https://squareup.com/store/belding-parent-group
  2. You can donate via bank-to-bank transactions (Venmo, Chase Quick Pay, etc.) to HelpBelding@gmail.com

If you are absolutely unable to make your donation online, please find a pledge form attached to this e-mail.  You may send the completed pledge form along with cash or check (payable to “Belding Parent Group”) to your student’s homeroom teacher or the main office.

Sample Fundraising Game Plan

  1. Give yourself a goal ($25, $50 or $100); 2. Identify people to ask for a donation; 3. Use the following script, either in person or via email.

Hi (Grandma, Neighbor, Friend)

We are raising money through our 11th annual Walk-a-thon to bring ”art for all” to Belding. I’m looking to raise $(my goal) for my school and I would like your help. This is one of only two major fundraisers we do each year and we would appreciate your support. And all donations are tax deductible.