Thankful for Belding Campaign


Chicago Public Schools cut budgets the last few years due to city and state hardships.  The Belding Parent Group is asking you to make a generous tax deductible donation and to advocate with elected officials for adequate funding to support Belding students.  Our goal is to ensure that our students receive the high-quality education they deserve.  

We believe in our Belding students, teachers, staff, and families.   

We are THANKFUL for Belding.  

Families can support our students by making a contribution.  We are asking families to make a $200 contribution during this season of thanks.  If all 350 Belding families donated  $200 each, that would be $70,000 of valuable funding for our school community.  All charitable donations are tax deductible.  

Below are specific examples of how donations will help Belding this year:

  • New sound system for the auditorium (our current system was a hand-me-down donation many decades ago and needs a big update)
  • Auditorium renovation and improvements (flooring and seating)
  • Technology purchases and repairs
  • Adequate staffing to provide small group instruction
  • Increase arts programming

Make a donation today!  We are thankful for our DEDICATED

school community that makes GREAT things happen for our students!

Donations can be made via cash ( use enclosed envelope), check (payable to Belding Parent Group), Chase QuickPay (at  or credit card (click “Donate and Shop” on the homepage.)

Check if your company has a matching gifts program to double your contribution. This donation is fully tax deductible.  100% of donations will be directed to maintaining a high-quality education for all students at Belding.  Any donation is appreciated and donations will be accepted throughout the year.

Cash Donations:  may be mailed or delivered to the school office (Belding School- 4257 N. Tripp)