Don Ennis, Engineer

Don Ennis works as the chief engineer at Belding School.  And YES, Don works as Santa on weekends and evenings during the holiday season!!!

Don grew up in Chicago, and graduated from Audubon and Lane Tech. He then went into the Navy for 8 years.  In the Navy Don saw the world and worked on some of the most sophisticated electronics on aircraft carriers and  RA5C Vigilante supersonic airplanes.  He developed outstanding electronics skills working on these amazing machines.

After the Navy Don worked for Honeywell and built automation, HVAC, security systems.  Some time later he began doing more mechanical work than electrical and became a building engineer.  Don worked on huge buildings on Michigan Avenue: office buildings, and hotels. He then shifted to school engineering where he can use all of the people, electrical and mechanical skills to benefit the community.  He loves working with schools and says he enjoys the kindness and spirit or teachers and students. About 7 or 8 years ago Don was told he looked like Santa so he grew his beard and started working part time as Santa.   Working as Santa brings him a lot of joy!