Construction Project at Belding

Dear Belding Community:

Exciting things are happening at Belding School.  We are a candidate school for International Baccalaureate and will have this program in place by 2021. With the IB program, Chicago is investing in capital improvements to provide more space and handicap accessibility at our school.

The planned construction project will add an elevator inside the north end of the school and other improvements. The construction will also provide 6 additional classrooms to be built in two “nooks” along the east side of our building. (See photo- 3 new stories will be added above two one-story bathroom additions facing our alley). The construction project at Belding will happen between April and August 2019 with the elevator completed in the fall after school is back in session.

In the next few weeks the one story bathrooms along the alley side of the school will be demolished.  The demolition should be brief and will cause only minimal disruptions to the alley neighbors.

Masons will also begin work on tuck-pointing the entire school.  This is a massive project which will produce noise and dust.  Grinders will have bags to capture some of the dust, but there will be dust that cannot be captured by the bags. Most tuck-pointing will happen in afternoons.  Our hope is that the grinding is completed during cooler spring weather before windows are opened.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I will do my best to keep you informed. There may be some days in the summer when deliveries of construction supplies may cause short periods of time when the alley is affected.  I will let you know of these activities as they are scheduled. The hope is to have almost no disruption to the alley with all equipment and staging of supplies on the actual school property.  We are removing fencing along the alley to make space and keep the project on our property.

Heather Yutzy