Belding IB Policies

Academic Honest Policy

The purpose of this document is to clearly state Belding School’s expectations for academic integrity and the role of all stakeholders:  students, teachers, coordinators, administration and families, in upholding these expectations to the highest academic level.  This document outlines the definition of academic integrity and the consequences for violating this policy.

Academic integrity is the standard of honesty and responsibility at Belding School.  It means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  It means taking ownership for your own learning and intellectual growth.  It means properly citing research, doing one’s own work, giving credit to other people for their ideas and words, avoiding shortcuts like on-line translators for language acquisition and not misleading others about one’s efforts.

Belding Language Policy

This document outlines the Belding IB Language Policy. The Belding School Language Program is designed to assist students in acquiring and refining the linguistic skills necessary to succeed. This goal is achieved by employing the IB Language Aims and Objectives as well as our district’s guiding principles and state mandated standards to our instructional practices. Students are encouraged to use written language in authentic contexts as a means for expressing themselves powerfully, purposefully and creatively while reflecting on their learning and their lives, as well as connecting with the world. All International Baccalaureate students are encouraged to embody the Learner Profile to become lifelong learners who realize that they have a role in creating a better and more peaceful world. In all classes, students read, speak, write, listen, and view and have authentic learning experiences in a variety of ways and for a number of purposes. Utilizing the inquiry based approach of the IB curriculum frameworks, students explore language and become communicators in a multilingual world.

Inclusion Policy:  At Belding School we work to include diverse learners in a least restrictive environment.

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