Counselor’s Corner

Counselor’s Corner

Mission Statement: The mission of Belding Elementary’s counseling program is to create 21st century leaders through a focus on academic achievement, social/personal, and career development.

Academic Achievement

  • Academic Goal Setting- Available to 7th & 8th graders with 1 or more D and/or F in a core subject (Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science)
  • High School Application Navigation- With a signed proxy form I can help your student apply to high school.
    • I can also meet with families during and after school to help explore CPS high school options and apply to CPS high school programs.


    • High School Student/Parent Conferences- Starting the third week of October, I conference with each 8th grade student individually (parents are welcomed) to explore the CPS high school options available to them.


  • Host High School Fair- At the end of October, Belding will host its annual High School Fair. Our last fair featured 13 neighboring high schools.

Social/Personal Development

  • Lunch Bunch-3rd-8th grade- Perfect for new students!
    • Helps students connect to others at Belding
    • Increases social skills
    • Increases peer relations
  • S.S. Grin- K-3rd- Helps students learn the social skills needed to create and maintain healthy friendships.
  • Individual Counseling- Counseling around any issue(s) that may impede academic success. Outside resources may also be provided.

Career & Post Secondary Development

  • College Exploration- Naviance (6th-8th)
  • College Visit (8th)
  • Student Ran College Fair- (4th-7th) 8th grade host the fair.
  • Futures Week-a week dedicated to exploring life post-Belding
  • Career Day (K-8)
  • Career exploration assessments- Naviance (6ht-8th)