Belding Elementary School teaches the Common Core State Standards.  These rigorous national standards set a higher bar for our schools and our students and are designed to prepare students for college and career readiness.  You can read more about the standards here. An excellent summary of Common Core and the shifts these bring to instruction can be found at this link:

  • A dramatic increase in the amount of informational text students read.
  • The curriculum is narrowed and deepened.
  • Staircase of complexity – the varying levels of student abilities are recognized with enrichment for advanced students and supports offered for students who need extra help.
  • Academic Vocabulary

Belding staff are committed to balanced literacy.  A very brief summary of this model for teaching reading, writing and word study can be found here.  A lengthier explanation of balanced literacy can be found at:  Some of our literacy curriculum tools include:  BAS testing, Guided Reading, Leveled Literacy Interventions, Calkins Units of Study Reading, Comprehension Toolkits, and Words Their Way.

Writing:  At Belding we teach writing using the Units of Study in Opinion/ Argument, Information and Narrative Writing: A Common Core Workshop Curriculum (Lucy Calkins).   This exemplary writing curriculum follows a rigorous scope and sequence in each type of writing to build strong writing voice and skills in our students.

Handwriting:  We teach handwriting (printing and cursive) in grades K-4 using Handwriting Without Tears.  Students receive handwriting workbooks to practice with at home and school.

Math:  At Belding we teach using EnVision Math curriculum K-5 and Connected Math for grades 6-8.  These programs are aligned to Common Core State Standards and provide rigor and challenge.

Science:  Belding School participates in the Chicago Public Schools Math & Science Initiative.


Social Studies:   Belding uses TCI social studies for grades K-3 and 4-6.  Grade 4 is an intensive study of Illinois state history.  Grades 7-8 are a survey of US History and the curriculum is built on a number of outstanding curriculum tools including Facing History.

Health, Wellness and Sexual Health Education:  In additional to wellness, nutrition, fitness education, your child will receive Sexual Health Education as part of the CPS Health Education Policy. Topics vary depending on your child’s grade level.  The scope and sequence can be found here. (Sexual_Health_Education_Scope_and_Sequence_K-HS)   Topics may include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Human Reproduction and Childbirth
  • Puberty
  • HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Contraception and Pregnancy Prevention
  • Abstinence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Decision Making

The Board acknowledges that parents/guardians are the primary sexuality educators for their child/children. Belding Elementary is committed to partnering with you to provide supplementary instruction to students via the sexual health education lessons. In alignment with Illinois law (“No pupil shall be required to take or participate in any class or course on AIDS or family life instruction if his parent or guardian submits written objection thereto, and refusal to take or participate in the course or program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of the pupil.” 105 ILCS 110/3), a parent/guardian must provide a timely written objection to opt their child/children out of participating in any CPS Sexual Health Education course. No student with a written parental objection will be suspended or expelled for refusal to participate in any such course.  Teachers will send home notification letters. If you wish to have your child excused from participation, please inform your child’s teacher in writing.