A number of key community partnerships make great things happen at Belding School.

Irving Park YMCA:  Belding has a partnership with the Irving Park YMCA to provide after school and summer programming for children and their families.

Rush Neurobehavioral Center:  Belding has a many years long partnership with the Rush Neurobehavioral Center whose staff have trained our teachers, staff, parents and students in Executive Functions Skills.  As a result of this partnership, our school very explicitly teaches students skills for organization, study, goal setting, managing their time, tasks, attention, and materials.

Communities in Schools of Chicago:  ( – CISC partners with Belding and other Chicago Public Schools to bring resources to students.  Belding students have benefited from vision clinics, admissions to theater, opera and other arts productions, fine arts assemblies at the school, health education and youth development and a variety of other valuable programming which varies slightly from year to year.

Carlson Community Services/ Magic After School Place  (  – Located at nearby Irving Park Lutheran Church, the Magic After School Place offers affordable after care for neighborhood families.

Old Irving Park Association ( – The OIPA non-profit community group has been a long-term partner for Belding and each year helps our school to connect with community leaders and residents.

Lydia Children’s Home:  (  – Lydia Children’s Home is located in our neighborhood and Belding serves as the neighborhood school for several residents.

Chicago Cares ( – Thanks to Chicago Cares, hundreds of volunteers have been deployed on several occasions to participate in beautification at Belding.  Classrooms and hallways were painted and landscaping and planters added.

Ageless Eye Care ( – free vision screenings and eye exams for any CPS student.

Delta Dental– Free dental exam and flouride treatment for any CPS student.