Student Dress Code

When shopping for school clothes, please remember

Belding School’s Dress Code

All clothing must comply with the school dress code. Our goal is to promote respectful and appropriate school behavior and attire.

  • Shorts and skirts must come to fingertip length.
  • Clothing must not be ripped or torn.
  • Shirts must cover the stomach. No midriffs or navels may show.  Necklines must not be lower than 3 inches below the collar bone.
  • Clothing must not be see-through. Undergarments should not be visible.
  • No makeup or cosmetics should be worn or brought to school.
  • Shoes should be safe for stairs and playground. Due to the active nature of our school day (Ex. recess, physical education, walking up and down stairs), students should not wear flip flops or other open toed/heeled shoes. Heels greater than one inch are not appropriate.
  • No clothing or jewelry with references to gangs, drugs, alcohol, or violence.
  • No caps or hats may be worn in the building.
  • Wording and pictures on clothing must be respectful and appropriate. Decision about whether clothing is appropriate and respectful will be made by school administrators.

For GYM CLASS: appropriate athletic wear… We have no changing locker room.