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Student Parent Handbook

Follow these links to the:2019-20 Belding Student and Parent Handbook

Student Activities

A wide variety of after school programming, clubs, sports, and leadership activities are available to Belding students.  These are communicated to families in the monthly newsletter. You can sign up here for the newsletter.


Please notify the attendance office if your child will be or is absent.  Contact 773.534.3590 ext 83702

Parents and guardians who do not call the attendance office by 8:00 am will be getting a call notifying you that you child is absent, unless you have called and notified the school office.  Additionally, CPS Board of Education, will be making an electronic call to let you know that your child was absent. This electronic call cannot be stopped since it is made directly by the Board of Education.

In order for our attendance office to be able to excuse your child’s absence, you must send us a note explaining the reason for the student’s absence, along with the date your child was absent and your signature.

Should you have any questions or concern please contact Mrs. Razo at 773.534.3590 ext 83702


Online Learning

A number of helpful web sites are available for academic enrichment and learning.  Use free time on the computer for learning. For student Resources/ Library Data Bases:

Healthy Students Initiative

Belding Elementary School recognizes the relationship between academic achievement and a complete fitness- nutrition based Physical Education program. We strive to improve the quality of life for our CPS students. Using movement as our main focus, we address the risk of heart disease, cancer and childhood obesity as well as build strength and endurance in each student. This allows our students to increase healthy behavior and health-related knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices. Each member of the Belding community is encouraged to model healthy eating habits and incorporate physical activity into their daily life.

Belding School earned the Bronze Award of the HealthierUS School Challenge.  Belding School is a healthy school and earned recognition for meeting rigorous criteria in school celebrations, classroom rewards, participation in meal programs, opportunities for physical activity, healthy fundraisers and nutrition education.  All of these are key components to supporting health and wellness within the school environment, and have been championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Belding received a letter of congratulations from Mrs. Obama, and a $500 honorarium along with national recognition for this award.

At Belding we are committed to supporting healthy eating habits for all students and staff.  Our commitment includes providing students with a healthy environment to learn and play.  We want our students to know that there are many other ways to celebrate special events besides sweet food.  Thanks for your support as we develop the mindsets of our students to think about celebrating in a healthy manner.